“Why Gonzo?” To us, Gonzo means focused, spirited and opinionated – we hope with a little panache thrown in.

Frankly, we’re a little tired of most of the stuff we read in the banking industry, especially the opinion pieces:

Enough, already! Don’t we know this by now? Does anybody have a strategic plan that says we should focus on audit or the mail room?

While we aren’t trying to tick anyone off with GonzoBanker, we do plan to give you our take – good and bad – on the technologies, vendors, strategies and other things we run across in the trenches of the banking industry.

We have very few rules of engagement:

  1. These are our opinions, nobody else’s.
  2. No boring generalities – and hold us to that. Our Grand Pooh Bah for Technology wrote code that says the first time we type “change is constant” our PCs will self-destruct like one of those “Mission Impossible” messages.
  3. Starting the occasional heated debate within the banking and vendor communities will not be our primary goal, but it will be a welcome bonus.
  4. Opinions contrary to ours (e.g., “You’re blowing smoke!”) will be gladly published.

Please share GonzoBanker with everyone you know (bankers, vendors, relatives…) or give us e-mail addresses of any would-be “apprecianados” to add to our e-newsletter list. (Of course, you can always ask to be taken off the mailing list if for some reason you’re not receptive to soaking up all this new and priceless wisdom.)

Anyway, give Gonzo a try. We hope you find it helpful.

Remember, change is constant.
OUCH! Damn.
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